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SEO has evolved, and we have evolved with it.

We help startups, eCommerce brands, and challenger companies increase their visibility, get more real estate on rankings, and increase their clicks & visits; all of it to get more sales, leads and put their brands on top of competitors.

What does SEO mean for us?



SEO today is made of a combination of technical and human factors. Search engines need to understand what your page is about, how the content is structured, be able to download it fast enough or see how many similar pages are linking to it. This makes robots happy.

This is where growth & SEO overlap. We look deeply at your product and service and ascertain the missing elements that are stopping you from ranking competitively. Your brand will benefit from this analytics driven-creative phase and your users will love the competition-busting experience. This makes users happy. 

When both robots and users are happy, you grow. Rankings go up, traffic increases and you reach your business goals faster. Remember, you’re not competing against Google, you’re competing against your competition, and we’re your competitive advantage.

Why choose We Are Visionists for SEO?

We are transparent: We tell it how it is. Where you stand, the opportunity available and what are the risks and rewards on moving forward.

We strategize and execute: When we do SEO, we can take care of everything. Research, strategy, development, content and outreach.

We are mentors: Whether you’re starting a company or leading the market, one of our goals is that you understand what are we doing and why, so we can get better results together.

We focus on results: We align our strategy with your goals. Different objectives (branding, sales, leads) will require different approaches, reports and focus.

We focus on quality: We won’t do SEO at the expense of your brand. We focus on producing high-quality, useful content, great links and that all have long-term value.

We keep it safe: We don’t do tricks. We experiment, introduce new ideas and have fun with your site, but always complying with Google’s guidelines.

SEO case studies

We’re working with TAXIBOX, Australia’s biggest self-storage, for their all their SEO and Social Media efforts.

Domain change and redirection

We helped to update TAXIBOX’s SEO strategy, moving their main domain from to

In a time where keyword match domains are not so hip anymore, brands must be bold and invest in their brand as their main SEO resource. Still, working with technical SEO experts always helps.

We helped to estimate the short-term and long-term effects of the move, creating a task list for our SEO team and their brand and monitored and reported every change to make sure everything was going according to plan.

On-site optimisation.

We included breadcrumbs, ratings and new copy in reviews, which increased CTR’s and user experience. We also made changes to the content in the inner pages to create a more logical information architecture in terms of content hierarchy and URL organisation.

We also identified the main pieces of content and increased their value through a reduction of load times, adding value for the user (including maps, local information and a reduced copy).

The result was 68% of all our keywords ranking on the first page during the third month of SEO.

By optimising the site load, website architecture, adding microdata and improving the inner linking of the site, we moved from a YoY traffic of -10% to a YoY traffic increase of  17% on the third month. All of that with only a small amount of offsite work and link building, and less than 50% of the link profile of our competitors.

Among our projects, we consolidated Your Tea’s 10 domains into 5, with a primary international one; we started an internationalisation project to translate the website to new languages and developed a new website architecture.

Among the results, we achieved a 100% increase in the website’s link profile over a 12-month period with an initial link profile of 500 linking domains.

We started from scratch with the melamine company Barel Designs in Sydney.

We went from $0 sales to $7,000/m in 12 months and $15,000/m in 24. Just through organic traffic.

SEO now generates 75% of all the sales on the website.

SEO services

SEO keyword research: SEO is still grounded in what people search. Discovering and prioritising what keywords they use is a vital first step.

SEO technical audit: SEO is much more than technical stuff, but the technical stuff still matters. Information architecture, load times, structured data are vital for the success of your site, and often help us uncover previously missed opportunities.

Content gap analysis: Knowing what content you need to create or consolidate. Will inform your content strategy and any SEO-oriented content work.

Local SEO: Includes local link building and website optimisation, but also implementation of practices and procedures for being the #1 on local.

Link building: Link building is on par with PR these days. We help ideate fun and newsworthy link generating ideas that build their own high quality & relevant links.

SEO ongoing monitoring: Analytics, monitoring traffic and indexing issues, iterating content variations and running experiments.

Domain transfer: Domain changes, adding SSL encryption or consolidating subdomains can ruin your SEO traffic if it’s done incorrectly.

SEO training: Do you prefer to go solo? We offer SEO training for teams and individuals catered to your own needs.

Snippet optimisation: If the market is too aggressive (or you already sit at the top of it) we can work on snippet optimisation. Same rankings, more traffic.

Penalty recovery: Your previous SEO agency turned out to be a tad shady? Recovering from a penalty is hard, but doable.


They combine a multitude of skills from digital, to creative, to business development that will be an asset to any forward-thinking company.
– Ivan Levant

Excellent digital marketers, very knowledgeable about paid search, conversion optimisation, Facebook Ads. Have all the required skills to growth hack an e-commerce business.
– Alex Grechanowski

Grow like startups grow

WeCo; our coworking space at Edgecliff, is where we offer a place to work, collaborate and speed up the process of getting to the top of your rankings.

We can go to you. Need an SEO contractor for a day or two a week for a busy traffic period? We can make it happen.

We own a Coworking space in Sydney: Ideal if you need to develop your idea closer to your SEO team or want a space new space for the duration of a project.

We always deliver more than you expect. It doesn’t matter if you’re only interested in rankings, we’ll be proactive at suggesting any improvement for your digital brand.

We give you access to our network. We know some of the best digital professionals and entrepreneurs in Australia and the world. Ask and we’ll get you in touch.

How we work:

  1. Flexible Contracts with no Lock-Ins: Our contracts run month to month, with no lock-ins. This means you have the flexibility to scale down or up your marketing investment. We do this because we are extremely confident with our skills and certain of your success. Our clients are our partners.
  2. Not one size fits all: We don’t have SEO packages, as we don’t think your business is the same as everyone else’s. We ascertain the best pathway to success for your business based on your goals, industry and timelines.
  3. You own all your data: We set up accounts, such as Analytics products under your login details, which means you always have access. We never hide, block access or limit your potential in any way.
  4. Local business experts: Our team is based in Sydney, which means you’re dealing with a local SEO expert. We are available when you need us – call, chat online or drop by the office for a visit – we want you to be comfortable with your local account manager.

Where are we located




We have clients with budgets of $2,000 and $20,000 per month, it all depends on what you need at this stage and your budget. You don’t need to spend a lot to rank well, it will all depends on your goals and how competitive is your market.

We customise our services for each client, sometimes varying it in real-time in order to adapt to new situations.

Some of the services we offer are mentioned above, but we also offer UX audit, CRO, content creation, design. All of them beneficial for SEO depending on the specific context.

We’re a digital agency serious about growth, with a focus on eCommerce brands and startups. That means we’re used to thinking outside the box, squeezing budgets and delivering results.

You can’t stay long at that level if you don’t deliver results.

Organic search in Google drives 50X as much traffic as paid search. But most organisations still spend 10X+ the budget on PPC vs. SEO.

Choosing the right partner and investing in SEO has the potential to deliver more traffic and conversions than any PPC campaign.

Al of our SEO work, both for link building and onsite work, is always ethical. We don’t try to game the Google algorithm and our first priority is increasing rankings by adding value to the user and bringing long-term value to the brand.

Each SEO project has different timeframes.

Under-optimised pages requiring technical improvements may need only a few days to see changes in the rankings, but the process of auditing and optimising the page may take longer.

For pages with a penalty or needing off-site SEO and link building, the change may take longer, especially in competitive spaces.

Initial SEO results might start being visible after a few weeks in those pages and keywords that weren’t optimised, with bigger changes to the link profile and ranking of more competitive sites may be seen in 2 or 3 months time.

For more information, ask us about your particular case.

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