The team

The team

Our team

We’re always on the hunt for talented designers, developers, marketers and sales gurus.

Pitch us why you should work here and what brand you’d like to start with.


Why we do what we do

Our vision is to invent and reinvent businesses online. WAV helps businesses grow the way start-ups grow, with an imaginative and lean approach to acquiring customers online.

We're here for businesses that want to scale like start-ups scale. Challenge the world and their market, regardless of where they are today. We are structured to be a truly collaborative partner from the ground up, from our flexible business models to our truly collaborative strategy sessions.


Why we do what we do

In a company with less focus on job titles and more focus on collaboration, you can think of us like a sports team instead of an agency.

Unlike traditional Sydney agencies, we don't have a creative department. Everyone's idea is valid, whether it's a method to reduce churn on subscription purchases or an advertising opportunity with influencers on Snapchat, everyone has a voice.

We practice what we preach. Our kick-off meetings are not with sales people, they're with entrepreneurs. Someone who's been there and done that. Before we suggest any strategies, we use our own businesses as guinea pigs first. We never recommend strategies we wouldn't use ourselves.

We don’t blindly follow best practice. We test everything. We listen to our users, pivot and help align their expectations to our offerings. Whether we’re testing what value proposition is more aligned with late night website visitors, or challenging our preconceived notions that adding security logo’s on a checkout decrease friction. We have optimisation at the core.


Why we do what we do

It’s complicated out there. You have your designers, developers, social media team, analytics guy, PR company, SEO agency and they’re all going through you.

Who’s taking ownership of the overall campaign objectives? Are we learning what’s working and what’s not from month to month? It’s not a lack of ideas, it’s a lack of consistency.

We believe Incredible ideas require an incredible team, a collaborative environment, flexible processes and a common goal for success.

At WAV you’ll work with the best digital marketing strategic thinkers, smart doers and a team that speaks to you on your level, simplifies the process and tries really hard not to speak in acronyms. Experienced entrepreneurs, and young guns with an innate desire to learn and grow. We call it being engineered for growth.